York’s CMO Maria Conry on transforming the industry

"If you want to transform an industry, you start by taking a good look at yourself."

A bold new perspective.

Here’s something you don’t hear every day: It’s an exciting time to be in insurance. As an industry best known for being a bit stodgy and more than a little set in its ways, a change in perspective is underway.

As many in our midst slowly switch from a conventional, numbers-first mindset to an emotive, people-centric approach, we’re seeing our industry transform. And it’s a much-needed shift: We don’t have enough people to do the important work at hand, and many millennials right now simply aren’t interested. It could be because they don’t fully understand what we’re doing, that we’re a people-first industry or that we’re uniquely positioned to meet their standards and expectations. It’s a big part of why York has set out to reconfigure not just how our industry is viewed, but how it functions.

We’re in the business of people — our clients, our claimants, our associates. There’s real value in connecting to people. At York, that’s where we find our value. By shifting our focus from features and products to meaningful connections, we’re driving better outcomes.

Join us as we sit down with York’s CMO Maria Conry to talk fresh perspectives, people first and what it takes to lead the charge toward transforming an industry.

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Beverly Westover

Although chronologically I am not a Millennial, in my heart I am! Both at work and outside of work, we accomplish more when we bring multiple generations together to collaborate and create. It keeps all of us sharp, fresh and relevant.

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