Change is coming: But what will it look like?

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Everyone has something to say about change: It’s inevitable. It’s the only constant. It’s all around us. Even David Bowie weighed in, encouraging us to “turn and face the strange.” 

There’s no question that our industry is on the cusp of a transformative time. Some topics we’re just beginning to discuss; others are already underway and making waves in the way we — and our clients — do business. 

For this summer’s edition of y.View, we’re exploring a few buzzworthy topics and their impact on our industry. We’ll take a look at how remote workers are changing the face of our office environments, and the risks emerging as we shift more and more to working virtually in this digital age. Getting back to work looks different these days than it used to, as our society redefines what the modern workspace looks like.

Because getting back to health means expanding our view of it, we’re incorporating mental well-being into the conversation in ways we’ve not done before. Mental health affects every aspect of our lives, and by extension, our businesses. Depressed workers miss 68 million more work days each year; that’s a real concern and risk for any organization. To round out York’s mission of getting people and organizations back to health, work and productivity, it’s essential we look at employees holistically — from the physical injuries we can see, to the mental health challenges we can’t — and what’s preventing workers from being productive on the job. 

We’re also sharing a conversation I recently had with Risk & Insurance magazine, delving into the single-payer healthcare system debate and its potential impact on workers’ compensation. I’m curious to hear from you on the topic — do you think our industry should get involved? In what ways? 

The risk landscape is changing. We’re learning as we go, adjusting as we see fit and embracing what’s to come. We welcome you to join in the conversation with us. 

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Y.View York’s point of view on the industry’s trending topics.

It’s just another way we’re living our mission: to reduce risk and get people and organizations back to health, work and productivity. And while y.View isn’t intended to provide legal advice or direction, it is designed to get the conversation started. Let’s talk.

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